How to Comply with Los Angeles City Brush Clearance Requirements

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Steps to Complying with Brush Clearing:

  • Do you know where your property lines are? Remember that fences often do not run on property lines. If you do not know your property dimensions, you can access maps from the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor’s office at: The most accurate method is to have a licensed surveyor establish property boundaries.

  • Self-inspect your property. Compare your vegetation with the diagrams in this brochure. Measure distances.

  • Clear hazards and properly remove and dispose of cuttings prior to May 1, the beginning of the Brush Clearance Inspection Sweep. If your property fails the first inspection, a notice of non-compliance will be issued to the owner of record.

Legal Information:

  • Initial Inspection Fee An Initial inspection Fee of $23* is charged for the inspection beginning on May 1. You may forgo this fee by conducting a self-inspection and forwarding a signed affidavit to the Fire Department prior to your due date.

  • All properties that do not pass the second inspection will be charged a fee. If you receive a “Notice of Noncompliance,” refer to this brochure to help you understand what additional work needs to be done. Prompt correction (before the compliance due date on the “Notice of Noncompliance”) is the only way to avoid a $320* Noncompliance Fee.

  • Obtain a “Cleaned By Owner” Inspection Report from the Fire Department. Upon reinspection of your property, the Fire Department will either issue a “Cleaned By Owner” (CBO) Inspection Report, which will serve as your proof of work completion, or a “Second Notice of Noncompliance” which will list hazard areas.In the event of continued noncompliance, your property will be processed for clearance by a Brush Clearance Contractor.The property owner will be responsible for the contractor’s fee and an administrative fee of $938*. Possession of a valid CBO report for the current year is the only way to ensure that a contractor will not clear your property.

  • Expedited Process. The Los Angeles Fire Department, in our ongoing effort to ensure public safety within the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone, has taken a proactive approach toward property owners who repeatedly fail to comply with the Brush Clearance Ordinance.

  • Property owners identified as being noncompliant with the Brush Clearance Ordinance for two consecutive years, and having had their property processed and cleared by Brush Clearance Contractors, will be subject to the following procedures:During the annual Brush Clearance Inspection process, noncompliant property owners who have been cited shall abate the hazard within 15 days as provided by the Los Angeles Municipal Code, Sections 57.21 et seq. If the property remains in noncompliance after 15 days, the Fire Department will take immediate action to abate the hazard using Brush Clearance Contractors. The property owner shall be responsible for all inspection fees, administrative fees and clearance costs.