Thousand Oaks Brush Clearing

At Green Leaf Brush, we perform brush clearing services in Thousand Oaks ranging from tree trimming to stump removal. We stand by our work 100% and our customer track record can prove it!

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About Tree Services & Brush Clearing

Green Leaf Trees has a location near you in Thousand Oaks and working in surrounding areas. If you are in need of landscaping work done such as tree trimming or brush clearing, you have professionals at your finger tips. These affordable services are available 24 hours a day each day of the week.

Thousand Oaks Tree Removal

The specialists at Green Leaf Trees have many years of experience in tree removal. Whether it is your residence or business that needs a tree removed our people are guaranteed to offer the best service. Do not let a faulty tree cause damage when it could have been avoided easily and cheaply. If you are not sure if a tree is a candidate for removal, Green Leaf Trees offers inspections to help determine the best move to keep you and you property safe and happy.

Thousand Oaks Brush Removal

If you are a resident in Thousand Oaks with shrub over growth, you are in need of a service to remove these pestering plants. Not only are these plants an eye sore, they can also be a fire hazard. Fire Dept. often will require that they be removed for safety reasons. If you were given a warning or desire to rid yourself of the brush for your own reasons, hire Green Leaf Tree Services in Thousand Oaks to send their professionals to get the job done right and quickly. With proper equipment and years of experience it is a no brainer to hire us at Green Leaf Trees.



“These guys are artists! They thinned out a 100 ft tall Italian Stone Pine that had probably never been pruned – large, majestic (overgrown) tree. Two guys up in the tree for a combined 12 hours or so, with another three or four on the ground clearing out the cuttings.”

Christian G.

Porter Ranch, CA

“We found Green Leaf to be the best price by far. They also showed up on time, over-delivered and left our property spotless. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs tree trimming services.”

Janet B.

Malibu, CA

“I'm all for giving small businesses a chance, and I'm so glad I did! I was worried a tree removal process was going to take a long time and damage my backyard, but everything was great! My dead tree was removed in two hours and my backyard still looked great! Almost no mess. Thanks!”

Blanch Nicholson

Woodland Hills, CA

"Edwin's crew and Josef, one of the owners, were fantastic. I have a large property in Topanga Canyon that hadn't been brush cleared in years. I gave exact instructions to Teo, their estimator, and to Edwin. They followed them to a T, worked very hard even though a couple of days of 100-degree weather, and left everything impeccable."

Martin Schmitt

Topanga Canyon, CA

"I can't say enough wonderful things about green leaf. My husband was going to remove our tree stump HIMSELF, but I found this company in the nick of time! They removed it easily. I can only imagine what would've happened if I hadn't found them....har har har"

Rachel Harris

Calabasas, CA